Due to Northam's Executive Order 62, which states that NOVA is to remain closed until AT LEAST May 29th we will continue to stay closed. This puts us yet again in another round of waiting. I would like you all to know how we will be dealing with rescheduling appointments from this point on. With every week I get pushed back to open I will need to push my appointment book with it. SO for example if you had an appointment scheduled at 1:00 on May 26th, your appointment is now 1:00 on June 2nd. If you were scheduled at 9am on June 11th, you will now be moved to 9am on June 18th. (If your appointment ends up falling on June 9th and July4th. I will contact you in finding a new time slot.) This will help me stay organized in my scheduling, and makes sure everyone gets in on the first come first serve bases. I apologize for the confusion, and my eagerness to get back to work.